Fine lines and creases can make you appear older than you are. To smooth out wrinkles and reverse the aging process, many people turn to cosmetic injectables. While BOTOX has been a household name for years, there are other safe and effective options available. Double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. David Yonick also offers Jeuveau for patients seeking skin rejuvenation.

So should you choose BOTOX or Jeuveau to get rid of wrinkles in Midland, MI? The answer depends on your current complexion and goals. Get your initial skin assessment by calling Yonick Plastic Surgery. Read about the benefits of wrinkle relaxers and how they work below.

What are wrinkle relaxers used for?

Wrinkles develop when making facial expressions, such as frowning or smiling. These lines often show on our forehead, between the eyebrows, and around our eyes. Wrinkle relaxers, like BOTOX and Jeuveau, essentially block the nerves that tell these muscles to move, causing the above lines to reduce or disappear. When performed by the right injector, patients can enjoy smooth and natural-looking results.

BOTOX is usually compared to Jeuveau because they are made from similar neurotoxin formulas. However, they are not necessarily interchangeable. Jeuveau has been given the name “newtox” because the formulation is newer than that of treatments, like BOTOX. It is important to visit with a professional to determine which specific formulation works best for your problem areas.

Should I try BOTOX or Jeuveau?

Some experts say BOTOX is a more effective treatment option while Jeuveau results last longer. It ultimately comes down to your personal preference and skin goals. Of course, the experience of your injector is the most important factor of all. The specialists at Yonick Plastic Surgery can make detailed comparisons when you visit our office to get rid of wrinkles in Midland, MI. If you are satisfied with your current cosmetic injectable, there is no need to change it at the moment. We have found that both are great options for first-time and recurring patients alike.

How to make BOTOX and Jeuveau last longer

All cosmetic injectables are temporary, which is why patients should return to Yonick Plastic Surgery for follow-up visits every few months. This allows us to refresh your skin rejuvenation results and keep wrinkles away for good. Our knowledgeable staff can offer tips and guidelines for making BOTOX and Jeuveau last as long as possible:

  • Prepare for your treatment: patients can decrease their risk of complications and side effects, like bleeding, by avoiding blood thinners before injections.

  • Follow aftercare instructions: do not massage or press down on your face for the rest of the day after your appointment. These actions can make your treatment less effective.

  • Take care of your skin: some patients experience mild side effects, like swelling and redness. This can be relieved with a cold compress.

Get rid of wrinkles for good

Professional injectors have an in-depth knowledge of wrinkle relaxers and how different muscles control facial expressions. Dr. David Yonick and the experts at Yonick Plastic Surgery specialize in facial cosmetic procedures for wonderful skin rejuvenation results. If you are interested in injectables, like BOTOX and Jeuveau, and want to compare the benefits for yourself, schedule a consultation in Midland, MI. We can help you achieve a refreshed appearance you love.