Tummy tuck surgery is the perfect option for women who want to feel more comfortable with their midsections. If you have hanging abdominal skin due to recent weight loss or pregnancy, double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. David Yonick can help you achieve a firmer appearance.

While stubborn fat removal is an important part of this procedure, tummy tucks are not an ideal solution for weight loss. At Yonick Plastic Surgery, we can take a closer look at loose skin removal surgery and whether it can meet your cosmetic goals. Learn the details of getting a tummy tuck in Midland, MI by scheduling an appointment with our professionals.

Tummy tuck surgery explained

Tummy tuck procedures work best for individuals with hanging skin and small fat pockets in the abdomen. Incisions are made near the pubic region, usually from hip to hip. Dr. Yonick then uses the incisions to remove loose skin and tighten the underlying tissue. A form of liposuction is also incorporated for stubborn fat removal. Our office is proud to offer several successful techniques for tummy tuck surgery based on the amount of skin and fat treated.

Why tummy tucks are not a weight loss solution

One common misconception patients have about tummy tuck surgery is that it is designed for weight loss. However, this procedure is not intended to be a miracle solution for obese or overweight individuals. While removing hanging skin and small fat pockets can possibly help you lose a few pounds, patients should focus on achieving a slimmer or firmer midsection. It is designed for people who want to continue eating and exercising well even after the procedure is over.

How long does a tummy tuck last?

Many of our plastic surgery patients want to know how long their tummy tuck results will last. The great news is that as long as you stay within 10 – 15 pounds of your goal weight, tummy tuck results should be long-lasting. Any removed tissue and fat cells cannot grow back. Of course, significant weight fluctuations or pregnancy could cause the remaining skin to become loose again.

Patients should be aware of common factors of weight gain so they can avoid the need for an additional loose skin removal surgery in the future. Here are some reasons people experience weight fluctuations after a tummy tuck in Midland, MI:

  • Poor lifestyle choices: Poor sleep, lack of exercise, and unhealthy eating habits cause unwanted weight gain and reverse your tummy tuck results.

  • Hormone changes: A hormonal imbalance can affect your weight. This could happen even if you make healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Medical conditions: Depression, menopause, and other medical issues also lead to weight gain. See a doctor if you experience any unusual symptoms that affect your health.

Get a tummy tuck in Midland

Loose skin removal surgery and stubborn fat removal are great ways to regain your confidence after weight loss or pregnancy. Dr. David Yonick can enhance your appearance and help you attain your ideal look. If you are interested in learning the benefits of tummy tuck surgery, schedule an assessment with Yonick Plastic Surgery in Midland, MI. We can review the process, give you realistic expectations about your results, and make sure your goals are met.